Sunday, July 24, 2016

Zambia META - how do we begin to tell our our stories?

9 hours since the bus pulled in to Patrick's Quay in Cork - and we disembarked to hugs & how was it?

How do we/I begin to even explain what the last couple of weeks meant to us, how do we process what we have witnessed over the course of the team's life together.

We have laughed together, cried together, eaten together, walked together - got to know new friends, saw the height of God's creation and also the exploitation of that creation. We've discussed the importance of community development and self-sustainability. We've met with amazing Brothers and Sisters in Christ and we've also learnt stuff about ourselves and what is possible.

Once again I've come back from Zambia - my fourth time to the same city with a renewed heart of the church there, for the people and the projects we've encountered. I've loads to tell, lots of photos but a heart thats burning for the links between Northern Diocese and Ireland to be strengthened and encouraged.

But until then for any of my team - Take time to relax, talk about your stories, but also give people who are listening grace - they havent encountered everything that we have! Nor might they have the time to fully understand it all - but do talk :-)

And for anyone listening to us - it will take us time to process what we have seen - there are loads of things to tell - it wont all come out on the first telling! - and be warned you may be there for a while but what each member of the team needs now are people who are prepared to listen actively and help us process the intensity of the past few weeks - who knows you might even hear something from God for you as we chat together.

Photos are a great way to talk about what we have seen and done for me I'll be posting photos to my facebook profile ...

Some helpful hints here 

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