Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Preaching and prayer continued

In reading a book - prepared to preach it asks the question - that as we prepare - what should we be praying for:

  • We ask God to lead us to the right bible books to expound scripture
  • We pray for freedom from cultural or individual biases
  • For eyes to see what the passage really teaches us
  • We as the Holy Spirit to be our teacher
  • We pray for faith to believe that God can speak to us and through us
  • That our responses to his word will be squarely in keeping with his revealed will
  • For insights and clarity when we are stuck
  • for eyes to see faults in our expositions
  • for patience as we labour
  • for love for our listeners and joy in serving them
  • We are asking for the Holy Spirits illumination
Lots of prayer's

God hears and answers prayers. Because preaching is speaking for and from God we can't really preach until we have heard from God. That won't happen until we pray and God opens our ears to hear his word.

Loads of stuff to complemplate and put into action