Thursday, December 29, 2005

The First Blog in a long time

Wow where did those 30 days + go since my last blog - time is flying at a ever quickening place.

A new year is nearly upon us and I suppose I am in a comptemplative mood

A year past
Highlights this year have included
- Of course the Degree and the hooley surrounding it after the tearinng hair out get it!
- Revisiting Africa - which I will write about sometime
- Claires Results
- Getting into Queens to do my PGCE

A new one just beginning
This has been an amazing year as well on various fronts - it is all very exciting this year to find out where He wants me to be in September - wether in Dublin on one side of a desk or on the teaching side up in a class room

What will happen with the youth work in the parish?

Taking on more upfront leading at home is going to be difficult but I know with him I can do it!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Can life get anymore hectic?

3 weeks in to my placement - Things are going great - but it is simply an endless stream of lesson plans, resources and ppt presentations

Our tutor from QUB will undoubtabley be out sometime soon so it is essential that the file is kept up to date.

But life in DHS is great - brilliant HOD and staff are great.

Church - well it is frustrating at times - the old problems seem to keep re-emerging youth numbers, apathy and general generalness

lots of things happening - only about 30 days or so to Christmas which will be nice to have a break



Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Breathing Space


Tuesday Afternoon week 8 at queens sitting in the computer room - this time two weeks I wont be here I'll be in DHS! can't believ its sooo soon - Lesson plans handed in
The encarta Micro teaching completed and yeah a couple of nights breathing space Wow did I say that well maybe not

Tonight Im up at davids fixing his modem
Tomorrow is spent in CMS sorting some Video
and night is at the readers course
Thurs all day is queens
Friday nothing planned as yet but need to start to think again about SU

Time is racing on - roll on DHS now!

Monday, September 26, 2005

New year New Start

WOW time is really really moving on very quickly, I am here in my second week of queens and it is busy - however today is good - it is directed study - however no one has directed us what to study so im reading books and websites I think that is what we are ment to do!!!!

6 weeks to the day and I am out in my first placement - scary stuff

Anyway this week is going to be soooooooo busy

Tonite is cubs
Tues is the vestry meeting
Wednesday is SEN lecture then Bible study
Thurs is Video editting
Friday is the new living room thingy
Sat is web design
Sunday is back to all the sunday stuff with confirmation and YF

Busy stuff but it is all good

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Time is really really Flying

This time last week I had just graduated, I was running around in a van with julie collecting stuff for summer madness, Mum and dad had just left for England. One week on and summer madness, the cavern, and graduation have all been assigned to the history books for this year.

However today is turning out to be a day which will go down in the history books. I was sitting in bed this morning - watching the TV when the LOndon Underground seemed to go down then an hour later it was seen as a more sinister thing - when bombs went out over the city sitting halway through the day we see how bad humans can get.

Things are very confusing! 8 men are up in Scotland attempting to allieviate poverty, reduce pollution ... and people try to stop this from happening

Life has its ups and downs Tony Blair yesterday was sooo up beat with having london won the olympic bid - "It's not often in this job that you punch the air and do a little jig and embrace the person next to you,"

and today

"Just as it's reasonably clear this is a series of terrorist attacks, it's also reasonably clear, that it is designed and meant to coincide with the G8."
BBC political editor Andrew Marr said Mr Blair was clearly extremely upset when he gave his reaction to the blasts.

How this day, week and month turns out as the old saying goes - "God only Knows" which is soo true

Now attention turns to the Uganda Trip - in under 72 hours I will be in the airport read to embark on a trip to uganda - I cant wait - please continue to pray that the polital situation would be a factor in the arrangements for the trip

Friday, June 17, 2005

Another busy week

Friday seems to be the day for blogging This week has been another busy week.

Monday was spent up with SU then over to set up the labarinth in the cathedral
Tuesday was spent looking after the labarith with Julie and then back to the office to finalise the service things
Wednesday was up in CMS bought the footballs and things then over to CMS re setup the labarith
Thursday went up to uni agin to collect project and then back to collect dad and down to set up hall then over to Bible Study at adrienne
Tonight was spent in carryduff for adriennes team with the bishop presiding.

Thoughts this week have been very clear through various things - the importance of taking time out to focus on God - I went in to the labarinth wondering about it - not sure what to expect but it was really quite good time out which was great! Especially its location - in the midst of the catedral.

Tonight at the service bishop had his sermon about Jonah
- I won't Go
- I will Go
- I am Here
- I wish I had never come at all

At the moment I am at the second stage in the story - "i will Go" The next couple of days are going to be soooo busy The madness of the parish fete where I'll be flippin pancakes as well as probably scafolding and all the other stuff that goes with the fete!

Then on sunday we have our teams commissioning service - I am soooo looking forward to this - The whole team being together - the last time before we are all at the airport.

Life is just totally hectic but brilliant. I suppose my focus for the next coming week is taking time out - just to prepare myself mentally and spirtuially for the next month.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight
Proverbs 3: 5-6

Praise God, for the results at uni - the troubles that we had over the last semester with coursework, with revision. God has a plan and that plan is being worked out because it certainly isn't in my ownn strength that I got through those exams.

Brilliant news :-)