Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Week 2

I am writting this in the second week of college.

Over the last week and a bit a group of individuals left home and came down to a strange place in the heart of Dublin. This blog hopefully chart my way through the rigours, ups and down of college life as well as simply trying to reflect on what is happening down here

Now that we've got wireless internet in the study rooms in college, updates might be more regular than previous experience has shown!

Okey Dokey - so last week...
It all started on Saturday with the packing of the car - squashing mum into the back seat and bringing all the essentials and much more besides and navigating our way through the dublin streets eventually arriving at our destination of CITC in Braemor Park.

After unpacking and generally moving in- it was up for lunch and the icebreakers which caused a bit of amusement for all, a chat with the other students.

Mum and dad stayed overnight as in the morning we were off for sunday worship in RTE Studios with CMSI where I was reading various parts of the service and Simon was being interviewed.

Monday saw the whole class sitting down around a table for the first few sessions, running around trying to open banks without much sucess to be honest and an "interesting" table quiz which our team won - i think!

Tuesday Alan came down to lead sessions entitled "Spirituality for ministry" which was extremely thought provoking which included - Struggle with call, spirituality, ministry adn mission - all of which I really need to sit down and look again at the handouts.

Wedensday was another quite amazing day when I think most of us would say we were challenged by actually taking time out just to be with God and to think about our own thoughts and how we could keep close to God - again a lot of stuff to take in!

Thursday looked at various ways ministry was played out in real life - the challenges and reality in parishes looking particularly at a team ministry situation

The first week proved to be very challenging, it definately had its ups and downs! but it was a time when we saw prayers answered soooo quickly and effectively. For me it has really confirmed the call and the idea that I am where I feel called to!

Week 2 started with a change of emphasis - now looking at "pastoral care and the human person" lots of points never thought about before but extremely useful when thinking about ministry.

Managed to get into the city for the afternoon - but not fully registered yet! - might do soon!

At the mo, in the dark, Colin and Jonny are carrying out DIY repairs on their room - doors are being removed and sanded down to alow carpet to go in! :-)

And we have managed to timetable in a prayer time as a class and a bible study which will hopefully give us some food during the year as well as mutual accountability within the class!

Apart from that ...
the craic is good, the coffee is strong and God is good!

.. That's you up to speed whats happening at the mo down in Dublin!!