Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer approacheth FAST!!

It really is amazing how within 24 little hours life suddenly changes - This time last night I was sitting, quite worried about exams - OT hadn't got a clue by 10 am this morning things were beginning to sink in and now on the other side of the exams one wonders what I need to do now. College at the moment hasn't actually finished - one more day to go - in another 24 hours we will have said good bye to both the third years who are heading to all arts and parts of ireland, we will also have said goodbye to the rest of our year and the first years and we will have said goodbye to the Principal and his Wife June. This year the Principal is retiring. It really is a strange time in college at the moment.

So with all that going on it is pretty intense and to think that in just 1 year we will be saying goodbye to college and hello to our new parishes - it is very strange.
Anyhow, between now and then there is a lot of stuff to happen - top of my agenda now are two things - Learning to Drive and Packing my bags for Zambia to see the Scotts. It is crazy, I know I have said it a million times but how quickly time flies. Information and prayer points will be hopefully available here as the summer progresses.