Saturday, November 26, 2011

A ponderous question ... What can we do?

It has been a great few days out and about, meeting up with friends, taking a break from parish life for 7 days.

Halfway through the past week ... a question which came a a bolt out of the blue was this question

"What can we do? "

It could be a negative question ... a statement of resignation...with the presumption that there is nothing that can be done

however it also can be a very positive question ... a statement of intention to do something.

It is a question which is running around in my mind about lots of issues at the minute ... from world wide things to smaller everyday encounters

Standing in front of St. Paul's in London on Tuesday ... surrounded by the protesters and the City of London and reading about all the issues of the world economy ... we could ask legitimately ... "What can we do?"

Walking along the London streets and seeing beggars and some of the worlds most expensive shops ..."What can we do?"

There are huge issues in our world ... and in our lives ... somehow we are called to rearrange those words to ... "do what we can" with our resources...

This is definitely something over the next while I will come back to on the blog ...

Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Quiet time on the Blog

Over the past few months things have been very quiet on the Blog due to the amount of other things that have been happening both online and off-line.

We are currently bringing together a team who are hoping to head of to Zambia next summer ... more details of this later

We have begun our recordings of services and distributing these over RSS Feed for those who are housebound in the parish

The Church of Ireland Gazette has a new website which makes it much easier to manage

We have set up a Bible Study bringing together On-line and Off-line communication - Bible study via email to a variety of parishioners - E100.

Hopefully we will bring the Blog back to life soon. In the interim I was watching last night
"Susan Boyle - An unlikely Superstar" one of the things she said which was really insightful

"You never know what effect you have on people until they tell you" which is really really true.

May we be people who spur each other on, encouraging one another and pointing out the great things we see in each other. There is so much negativity in our world, as Christians we are called to encourage and uplift one another in love.

Until the next Blog