Thursday, September 10, 2015

A time to ponder ... A time for Practical action

So often in life we're running from a meeting to something something else without time to stop and ponder.

Pondering needs to be done - its in the pondering that processing gets done, that we get a time to think about what could be, and what needs to be done. What's important and what's not. What are the priorities and what's not?

What does this season hold, this term - what are we called to or what are we trying to achieve.

I'm extremely thankful to God for the space and time created to ponder, to process and to think about priorities as we go forward this season.

Of course we can't stay in the place of pondering - we need to be practical and get on and do.

What's on your pondering list?

What's your priorities for this season and how are we accomplishing those priorities?

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Church and the world - The challenge of reality of our world today ... a couple of the millions of questions

Folks, what can we do?

Sitting in a comfortable house, thousands of miles away from events which are horrific, world changing, personal and politically charged and in need of a groundswell of need and of humanity.

In our world there is a need for things to change ... but how ... at what cost? ... and are we prepared to pay the costs

Budapest ... Austria ... Turkish coast ... Macedonia ... North Africa ... Iraq ... Afganistan

Peace and Stability in the Middle East and Africa

There are huge questions with all of this and what should the church response be?

People are on the move and we have to do something ... don't we?

There is a difference between migrants and Refugees

People who want to save their lives

As a church locally, national and internationally  ... what could or should our response to be?

How do we begin to grapple with the huge issues involved in this?

We process stuff as Christians through

Theology - Biblically, Tradition, Reason and Experience
Pastorally - what is the right thing to do with the people around about us
Prayerfully - How to pray for those on the move today, tonight

Post Summer Reflection ... new season

Having spent the summer months this year doing all sorts of things ... from Summer Madness to Sligo from Sligo to Holiday Club from Holiday Club to Holidays in West Cork to meeting friends in Portrush and from Portrush to Ballydehob and then to Blarney- Its been a great summer even though Holidaying in Ireland hasn't been the best weather-wise it's been great otherwise.

Sitting in front of the computer now looking forward ... I'm excited about all the stuff that's coming up in the next 6-12 months in and around Blarney and the parish as well as with various things around the church at large.

Some things that are happening ...


After holiday Club this year we're changing Messy Church in Blarney to have a meal each month a huge challenge in a small kitchen! but a big benefit to Ministry in the church

We're doing some improvements around the church - hedges getting a good haircut!,  a new shed and new signage hopefully arriving

We're hoping to have a history and news website for community and tourists to find out more about the church which people will be able to use by scanning our sign!

We're bringing together an all-age team to head to Zambia in Summer 2016 with CMS Ireland

We're really excited about what's happening and our links with our Catholic Church Neighbours

We're hosting this years Community Carol Service

We're going to get thinking about what mission looks like in Blarney in 2016

We're hosting a Mens Alpha Course in October

We've got growth group starting again and continuing to go from strength to strength

We're hosting a New Wine Women's conference in Blarney

We're continuing our prayers for the community group later in September

We're holding a training for Prayer Ministry

We're getting into a new monthly pattern of worship of United Celebration, Service, Messy Church, Service.

We're chatting to other churches and parishes  who are thinking about Messy Church in Dublin and the Midlands across the denominations which we're really excited about as a team from Blarney.

Then come the new year ... Messy Church conference in the spring and all sorts of other things including Zambia 2016! in the summer.

One thing is for certain ... it's not dull here in Blarney ... God is opening lots of doors.