Thursday, December 29, 2005

The First Blog in a long time

Wow where did those 30 days + go since my last blog - time is flying at a ever quickening place.

A new year is nearly upon us and I suppose I am in a comptemplative mood

A year past
Highlights this year have included
- Of course the Degree and the hooley surrounding it after the tearinng hair out get it!
- Revisiting Africa - which I will write about sometime
- Claires Results
- Getting into Queens to do my PGCE

A new one just beginning
This has been an amazing year as well on various fronts - it is all very exciting this year to find out where He wants me to be in September - wether in Dublin on one side of a desk or on the teaching side up in a class room

What will happen with the youth work in the parish?

Taking on more upfront leading at home is going to be difficult but I know with him I can do it!