Monday, April 17, 2006

A long long time since last Post

Lots of things have been happening since last blog - Sometime hopefully in the not so distant future i may have time to blog more often but untill then here are the highlights since Christmas

- Finished in DHS - was very sad to leave there - lots of good friends - Ian, Heather and the other students were great

- Started in PC - Great place - Hectic work!

- Went through interviews down in dublin and have come out the other end having survived and I suppose you could say with life turned upside down - just as friends are starting upon careers which are going to earn lots and lots - I now know that the next three years I am starting a new degree, in a new subject, in a new university - Someone famous (i think) said I dont know what the future holds but I know who holds my future which is amazing,

Praise God that I am exactly where he wants me to be - People in church have been absolutely amazing with their support and prayers over the past wee while - Enid, Laura, Adrienne, John, Geoffery and Ken have been soild rocks helping me.

So yeah - things are going good - just need to get these next months over me - roll on the summer!