Saturday, April 30, 2005

WHY This Blog Title?

I feel I must explain

Last Summer ... a long way a way in the deepest part of rural england ... (well not really- it was on the main portsmouth - London road) I was a staff member in an elite force of "groupies" PGL group leaders. with whom I made really good friends

Drew, Ra, Laura, Hollie, Steve, Mel and Emma.

While there we became famous for loads of things mine as you mite have guessed was flying I can FLY! promped by the disney songs which we played on the CD Player in our room ...

People who know me from this side of the irish sea will wonder about my sanity but its fine!


Sitting here in fromt of my PC tonight - 4 Years of Computer science nearly finished (2 Exams and an oral to go) but the report is out of the way which is brilliant. things are good - if only i knew things about
  • Relational Calulus
  • Object Relational Databases
  • Versioning control
  • Deductive Databases
  • EER Diagrams

then things would be very good !!!

But here apart from that I have another huge to do list mainly concerned with my plans in the summer.

  • I Need to get a job for the month of June to get some pocket money
  • Need to organise a fundraiser in three weeks time in our church hall
  • Need to Revise
  • Sort out our group heading to summermadness from the church
  • Need to do some reading and stuff for september
  • Meet up with various people with various committees within church
  • Sort out some website work

Life is never dull - but its never any other way in the ferris household!

The First Blog

Prompted by a friend Gary McMurray - who sent an email detailing his blog I have been contemplating starting blogging for a while Now - I have taken the bull by the horns and decided to get on the band wagon and start a blog. Who knows what will appear here in future.