Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Gab & The Church

Last night it was wonderful to welcome a whole new community into the church and it was packed! - We even had to have people up in the gallery!

The reason - we welcomed in The Gab Storytelling community who brought along Berrings Church Choir and a diverse group of story tellers, musicians, poets for a fantastic night of craic.

The reason for this blog about it was because I think it was a brilliant example of community and church joining forces to build up, to develop new relationships and to try out the new thing.

The Gab was started by local resident Mary Walsh and has been running events in Blarney and Cork in recent months with the support of local business and individuals. The Gab also participated in our Christmas Tree Festival.

100% of the proceeds of the event went to the Cope Foundation and Dogs for the Disabled. Well done to all involved!

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