Wednesday, August 29, 2007

As Promised - The Alton Towers Pics

Alton Towers - Courtesy of Tom's My Space!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Challenges over the last couple of weeks

At the minute I am still trying to find time to process the lessons that rose in Zambia.

However there was many things over the last couple of weeks God has been challenging me

Yesterday a couple of things happened

We (tom, Ra, Laura and myself) were on AIR - we had queued for about an hour and once we got to the coaster station decided we would go to the front line queue. This was the second time we had been on this ride. Once we arrived we sat in the seats and the harness came down. the seats then turned through 90 degrees so that you are actually lying facing the ground- the whole idea is that you are flying. Then we sat off. With most roller coasters you are sitting but this one you are totally dependant upon the harness holding you. We went up the ramp at about 10 or so feet up the ramp the cart stopped just above where people were sitting we gave them a wee wave and had a chat which was lovely!! :-) then up we went a little bit further. the stopped again we were now about thirty feet above the ground and stayed there. This was a little bit scary as we began to talk to each other. thought of what happened if the brakes failed and we headed back down the track. Then the thought which we must have all been thinking but dared not ask "what if the harness released?"

mmm... How much faith, trust, unbeliveable dependance do we place in the designers of the coasters? Surely we need to do the same day by day.

Some of the rides I didn't like - ripsaw for example was not good! Corkscrew was a bit sore!

Others were amazing - Air - I love, Rita is class!, Nemesis was good, Obvivion was breath taking (literally!!)

Then was the water park - its great!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another day another Airport Lounge! / Alton Towers / New News

From the blog entries you will notice since me getting off college in May I have been through many airport lounges

Dublin (being the hub)
Glasgow prestwick

Then Belfast city, Heathrow and Lusaka

And now East Midlands - where I am sitting at present. The reason for this trip was to visit Alton Towers with friends Ra, Laura and Tom all of whom I worked with a couple of years ago - Tom is posting the pics on the web - once I get them - i'll stick them up here.

The other piece of news worth blogging about is that Seapatrick Parish has a new youth worker - more details later!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting Round to it now!!!

It has been difficult over the past couple of weeks to find time to blog - it has been one thing after the other.

Returned from Zambia tuesday 2 weeks ago and then headed on the Thurs to Bray for a "happy feet Holiday Club which was just great!! the people in Bray are great - a good introduction to placement starting in October.

At the moment I am writting this in college where I am spending the night before heading off to Alton Towers with Ra, Tom and Laura whom I haven't seen for a couple of years!

All of whom can be seen in this terrible picture! - thanks Drew!!! hi to emma and hols and Mel who cannae make it to the towers - My camera is coming with me so hopefully we'll get a few more picts along the way over the next lot of days

So thats about it from me for a couple of days - Omagh on Saturday/Sunday to visit the Quills
Monday meeting Ali and next week is the Bishop's Bible Study with Ed Vaughan speaking - I'm looking forward to that.