Thursday, July 24, 2014

Update from Blarney ... Sowing Seed

As anyone who stops by here infrequently will know that I am definitely an infrequent blogger ... and that is definitely the case. I go through phases of blogging and not-blogging. The excuse I tell myself is that i'm busy ... but so is everyone ... but anyway ... here's an update for friends who are interested

Things are working out really well here in Blarney ... over a year and a half in now to this parish and theres good things happening ... Recently in sermons we've been reflecting on the parables of the sower and the seed as well as the parable of the good seed. I do think Jesus had a lot in just these two stories. Just today at Staff meeting I was reminded about Jesus' parables and the layers that it takes to explore its depth  ... so as Shrek  might say ...


And certainly over the past weeks and months We've been looking a lot about the seed we sow and how we sow it! and all the layers of those stories

As a church we're called to be sowing seed ... some of it will grow and bear fruit and some of it might not ... and that's all OK its all part of the story.

It has been great to see growth in all sorts of areas, Its been an encouragement to see new people commit to the parish, to see new people find us through social media, the website, word of mouth invites and various other means. It's our prayer that the church family would be built up

Its also been a great encouragement to see lots of people grow in discipleship and bearing much fruit.

After Easter I was asked to take on Messy Church Co-ordinator Role in Ireland and I'm really excited about that as it's helping me to see the real benefit of Messy stuff for reaching those on the edges of church and bringing them into an environment which they can interact with Bible and faith issues in an informal environment. Looking forward to seeing what opportunities this raises over the months and years ahead.

Over the next week we're really looking forward to welcoming lots of kids and team members to our Holiday Club and then their parents to a great Big Messy Church Celebration on Saturday.

It is so good to be part of a community which is working hard to helping each other wherever we can.

As we sow seed ... its my pray that the seed we sow will take root and be a blessing and also share the blessing wide and far.