Sunday, August 20, 2006

I Know I said that my last blog was my last here, but I have made an executive decision taht it wont be as the CMSI I could use as a sensible thing and this one as an every day thing. It has been quite a wee while since last updated this board

Cranfield has happened and various other things

But today various things have raised their head issues so different with various people

Kaballah- A total heresey for the church which is being proclaimed by various celebrities throughout the world but I have agreed with a friend to look into it to find out a bit more. more about that later.

Dreams - A wee sub thing in Geofrey's sermon tonight but praying protection over our sleep which is something that I suppose I never really thought about before.

Social Action - In Banbridge the churches have got together to serve coffee to the coach, with no other agenda than to Share God's Love - A scary place to be - standing on a street for Jesus

God's Plan for us - The fact that God has a plan for us, even if we are confused by it all, when we get to a junction place - he can guide us. By our passions, gifts and wise counsel

So its been an interesting day