Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Unofficial Zambia Team Blog! - a quick wee blog from us

We've had all sorts of difficulties trying to get a blog written, from locked rooms, to busy schedules, finding passwords and then no internet. So I've managed to find 5 minutes of internet time.

The Zambia META Team are very well - since setting foot on Zambian soil we've been welcomed and blessed with tremendous hospitality, stupendous greetings and deep thinking about the culture we find ourselves in.

We've been laughing together, crying together, eating and singing, praying and reading scripture together. In the programme we've been to the markets, touring the city of Kitwe, Seminary visiting, Mothers' Union, Pre-school ministry, Church visiting ... and so much more

The team are all very well.

We're really looking forward to the next few days in Kitwe

Before leaving next tuesday morning on our trip south.

An official blog from our bloggers will appear on CMSI shortly with all the details & photos :-)

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Gerald Field said...

Glad all going well. You are all in prayers.