Friday, June 10, 2016

Living honour out everyday - A challenge!

This blog comes from a place of loss ... a place of tears ... a place of the un-said things ... it comes at the end of a week of shock, mourning and grief within our little community.

Lots today could be said about Judith Monk ... and maybe a blog will be written later to honour her as a friend, confidant and leader.

But there's something more ... something I've had many conversations right across the board about today and something which I do think we need to deal with.

This thing is honouring one another, speaking well of one another, saying thank you to one another, calling out the good things we've seen, encouraging one another and having the deep conversations one with another.

If these last 6 weeks has taught us anything - one thing surely is life is short! all too short and we do need to let people know how much they mean to us - before its too late - how much a difference they mean to us in our every day lives. Surely we've got to build one another up.

But there's another part to this - is that we've got to take the encouragement from others as well! We Irish don't really like doing that. and I'm one of those who finds this difficult - We don't like to take being honoured - "oh it wasn't anything", "others are much better", "sure it was nothing", "somebody else would have done the same thing", "it was only a wee thing" we might say.

Actually - why not try and say a simple - thank you!

I'd love to create in church, in the village, in the wider community an environment where we honour one another, speak well of one another and where we encourage one another. Its really not that difficult - and who knows what might spring from it.

So often we see the opposite where people are either taken for granted, where things are left unsaid or people don't know how much they are appreciated. Let's encourage one another and accept the encouagement from each other.

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Caroline Mueller said...

Wonderful ideas in your blog. It would be lovely if we all encouraged and respected one another. Lifting each other up instead of discouraging each other. Keep up the good work